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Racksis ® builds with high engineering calculations to be functional.


Racksis® focuses to aesthetics and ergonomic beside its modern designs


We produce Racksis® for better to suit your server environment.


Racksis ® is your reliable working partner with its user-friendly features.

About Racksis ®

Engineering products for Engineers

Who we are?
Kocaeli Kaya Elektromechanic Corp is your solution partner since 1961 by innovative approach from manufacturing to end user experiment with the assurance of Kocaeli Kaya Group Companies.

What we do?
We are awake to manufacturing is important and valuable. We do manufacture electrical panel boards & Rack cabinets since 1997. We aware that each step of manufacturing stages which are highly effective on to end user’s experiments so elaborately produce each product.

Principles of Our Work
We combine art & design for Racksis ® Rack Cabinets which specially designed for IT & Network systems, servers, data transfer systems, storages, telecoms and security systems as well

We start manufacturing at 2002 and improve it adding by IT and Network infra- structure industries. The Racksis ® 19” rack cabinets production is established in 2015 engaged in the production of the EN Standards and Certificated by IEC 61587-1 and ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001.

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Our main focus is to produce high-quality, flexible, ergonomic designed rack cabinets for

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