Outdoor Series Wall Type Rack Cabinet – 12U

Racksis® Outdoor Series Wall Type rack cabinets are designed for wall assembled outdoor applications. The gives perfect solution for CCTV, access control, public security, telecommunication systems, automation and signalization systems. The IP54 and IP66 protection classes 2 units fan slot at roof canopy and filters at each side of cabinets.

Racksis® Outdoor Wall type IP54 and IP66 protection class. Professional design to protect IP class.
There is “O” ring type lock mechanism at IP54 class. The espagnolette 3 points locking system at IP66 class. Increase active ventilation from roof canopy inner to out and filtered extra fan slots at sides.

Standard 2 units fan group at top of cabinets. The fan group is an accessory. In case of fan and filter integration cabinet’s IP class conforms IP54 standard conditions. The wall type cabinets are offered by Single & Double Hull.


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All outdoor rack cabinets are divided into IP54 and IP66 product codes depending on their specifications. Please mention the IP class of cabinet IPxx.