Access Control Systems

The Racksis® rack cabinet and accessories systems supply your projects Access Control Systems besides cabinets and accessories. Thanks to well-known quality proven manufacturers to corporate on access controlling systems where is generally used to control and protect unauthorized access to the network, data centre and control rooms.

The BLW-211 / BLW-212 Access Control System is a standalone structure applicable for Wiegand reader too. It supports 2000 users allocated by 4 digit pin independently.

Order Code: BLW-211PI, BLW-211MI, BLW-212PO, BLW-212MO Category:

Additional information

Nominal Working Voltage

DC 12V±10%

User Recognition Capacity

2000 Users

Nominal Current


Closed Circuit

25±5 mA

Output Current for Latching

Max 3A

Output Current for Alarm

Max 20A