Racksis In SANTEK 2016 3. Eastern Marmara Industry & Technology Expo

Our Electromechanic part of Kocaeli Kaya Group of Companies has participated in SANTEK 2016 3. Eastern Marmara Industry & Technology Expo. which held between 26-29 May 2016 in Izmit by Racksis brand Rack Cabinet products, as new face and brand of our group.  

We Kocaeli Kaya Electromechanic, have completed R&D stages and improvements of product series of Racksis brand Rack cabinets and started to launch market since February 2016. We are glad to present our products to recognition of our customers, operators and designers. The Rack cabinets which are specially used in IT, Network, Signalisation applications, started to get significant part of market share. Our ergonomic design, user friendly applications, vide range of product and accessories to be able to customise products and 2 years warranty options become major part of customer choices. The Racksis® Rack Cabinets yield significant interest and willing to consume from market while it is just launched in a short while.

Mr. Hasan Kaya, the Executive Member of Kaya Group and G.M. of Kocaeli Kaya Elektromechanic told that we are always open to improvement, have a broad vision of whole team members we work, and success naturally comes as a consequence of these combined values. Mr. Kaya also informed that Kocaeli Kaya is always become innovative and leader company in his sector since 1961 and bearing improver company for new applications, developer, have a mission such distribution of the opportunities in market. Mr. Kaya added which nowadays Racksis Rack cabinets are being distributed through eastern to western side of Turkey and start to distribute export market.

Racksis stand in Santek 2016 Expo had great deal of attention by local and international visitors. The Kocaeli Kaya Elektromechanic Company keep improve its mission since establishing at 1961.

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