Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius
– and a lot of courage –
to move in the opposite direction.

Meet Racksis®

Kocaeli Kaya Elektromekanik®, operating in Electro-mechanical switchgear and enclosure industry since 1961 and still keeps being your solution provider for your projects with Racksis® brand rack cabinets. Racksis® is producing for information technologies and networks for protect your data since 21 years with the assurance of Kocaeli Kaya Group Companies.

Our Vision; to be most preferred brand and your solution partner in Rack Cabinets and accessories.

Our Mission; we want to be best solution partner on electrical projects & systems focused on sustainable productive energy by international standards, supplying reliable, competitive product according to customers requirements.

We combine art & design for Racksis® Rack Cabinets which specially designed for IT & Network systems, servers, data transfer systems, storages, telecoms and security systems as well.

The Security of Data repository and easy access by users are core principles of Racksis® Rack Cabinets to provide you the maximum security. The Security of Data repository and easy access by users are core. We are proud of being a trusted brand from perfectly designed products and services given to customers worldwide for their projects.

We provide you to perfect optimization by shelves, fan groups, PDUs and to control active & passive industrial ventilation, productive energy consumption and user friendly construction.

Racksis® secure workspaces by IP20, IP55 and IP66 and safety work area, indoor and single/double wall system outdoor rack cabinets related accident by adopting a culture of preventing policies under legal requirements.

Dedicated to innovation and perfection

Racksis® redefines what’s possible with innovative product design, engineering, technology building cabinets and advanced manufacturing matched by an obsessive attention to detail – from idea to realization. When trust, reliability and outright ingenuity matter, that’s when Racksis® matters most.

Our aim is to continually use our creativity to push the limits of technology in order to enable our customers to run their processes with higher accuracy and cost-efficiency.

When you choose Racksis®, you’ll get a flexible, experienced partner who knows open, frank communication is as critical as advanced engineering methods. Our global team of professionals will work closely with you throughout the design and engineering process, whether we’re handling things turnkey or filling a specific development gap.

Simplicity, focus, courage and excellence

Our unique range of single devices covers multiple applications and is easily deployable as the site standard. Guided by principles of simplicity, focus, courage and excellence, we help some of the world’s greatest companies achieve performance made smarter.

Manufacturing Services

It just makes sense that components designed, manufactured and assembled as a unit, by the same company, optimizes their performance, reliability and costs. Owning the whole process ensures this outcome. Plus, it’s easier and more efficient for you to monitor and manage one partner.

Worldwide Locations

With locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia Racksis operations are strategically located to provide cost-effective, high-technology manufacturing solutions that deliver innovation with real value. With easy access to our world-class sites, our clients consistently receive the highest level of market-focused services.

Quality Certificates

ISO 9001


OHSAS 2018